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Another common issue is the need for options in pain relief. Children, the elderly, or those with a lower pain threshold, may require different methods of pain management or a little something to ease their fears.

Both these problems have the same answer: sleep dentistry! This growing field of dentistry is a solution to the growing numbers of anxious patients, or those who may need a different or deeper level of pain relief while undergoing dental procedures. We are happy to offer you the following safe and effective options in our Drumheller office:

Oral sedation - the mildest form of sedation, this is frequently used with children who might be especially nervous or frightened about sitting through a filling or other procedure. The dentist will prescribe a pill to be taken before the appointment, which will calm the patient, bringing them both comfort and relaxation through their procedure. Though it may cause drowsiness, patients will not lose consciousness through oral sedation.

Nitrous Oxide - also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide has long been used by dentists for the state of drowsy relaxation it provides. The odourless gas is inhaled through a mask, easing pain and anxiety while the dentist also administers local anesthetic for additional pain relief.

There’s no need to avoid the dentist when Big Country Dental Care can provide such fantastic options for pain relief and relaxation! Let our sleep dentistry experts get you on your way to a painless, easy appointment!